• 13 06 ‘2018

    “Reducing the level of corruption in the judicial system will be one of the main signals regarding the safety of investing in Ukraine,” – as the partners of “Dynasty AF” Denys Myrgorodskiy and Evhenyy Smiyukha are convinced.

    Denys MYRGORODSKIY (left) and Evhenyy Smiyukha refer to the main advantages of the new procedural codes - high-quality protection against procedural abuses and sabotage, ...

  • 6 04 ‘2018

    The Lawyer of AF “Dynasty” Konstantin Gyrov comments on the publication of "Law and Business" article by Tamara Volina.

    The state intends to assist citizens in repaying consumer loans.

    The tough economic situation in the country forces citizens to lend money from a variety of financial institutions. Sometimes it helps to get on your feet, and sometimes pushes the borrower into years of ...

  • 4 04 ‘2018

    The lawyer of the AF “Dynasty” Olesya Artem in the article for the “Legal Practice” reveals the subject of the transfer of the enforcement proceedings by the private  executor of the enforcement proceedings to the execution creditor or to the specified executing subject. When a private executor transfers executive enforcement to the execution creditor or the specified executing subject, a number ...

  • 30 03 ‘2018

    On purpose to avoid bringing to responsibility the owner of the monument for not evading the signing of the security services agreement, it is necessary to observe the terms and procedure of actions envisaged by the Civil Code and the HC of Ukraine
    While developing an optimal strategy to protect the interests of the owner of the cultural heritage site, studying of the specifics of the ...

  • 2 03 ‘2018

    Clients of law firms should be prepared for a noticeable rise in price of legal expert service, as, indeed, legal advisers. And the matter is not at all refers to the obligatory payment of ERUs by lawyers and the contributions to the bodies of advocacy self-government, although in the long run the Clients will pay for it, too. These costs are pocket change. There exist much more serious, ...

  • 21 02 ‘2018

    The Partner of “Dynasty AF” Denys Kytsenko told “Legal Practice” about problems and prospects in the field of bankruptcy, complex recoverables and troubled debt restructuring.

    Both the debtor and creditors are increasingly frequently aware of the expediency of a peaceful settlement of the situation and are inclined to business-related decisions

    1) How did the restructuring law entry ...

  • 8 02 ‘2018

    The Partner of “Dynasty AF” Denys Kytsenko answered the questions related to the “Legal practice” regarding possible difficulties and disagreements while working with clients of law firms, about risk management, conflict issues and ways to solve them.
    The full text of the publication is available through the link: