• 16 11 ‘2018

    Presently, the main investment event of the year in Dnipro city is - DEF2018.  It is a great piece of luck that today we managed to invite two extremely busy and legendary entrepreneurs of the Dnipro - the founder of the corporation "Alef" Ermolaev Vadim and the founder of the “Biosphere” corporation Andrey Zdesenko - to hld a meeting with 70 foreign entrepreneurs.  While looking at this photo, ...

  • 14 11 ‘2018

    The middle of November 2018 became a landmark in the economic life of the Dnieper city thanks to the activities that are now taking place.

    On 11.14.2018 Tamila Petrenko, the partner of AF “Dynasty”, attended French and Czech business delegations meetings arranged by the Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  As part of the French delegation, the Ambassador of the French Republic in ...

  • 9 11 ‘2018

    Constant updating of knowledge, tracking innovations in law and law practice, in criminal law and process are the key to professionalism for lawyers, for their effective strategic legal protection of clients, and their willingness to support their clients at every stage of the criminal process.

    On 08-09.11.2018, lawyers Irina Gulaya and Vasina Daria took part in the V All-Ukrainian Conference ...

  • 31 10 ‘2018

    Regarding the prospects of changing of the Ukrainian real estate market estate.
    On October 31, 2018, the partner of the AF “Dynasty” Tamila Petrenko and the lawyer of the AF “Dynasty” Tatiana Trikoza took part in the Legal Real Estate Forum.

    Roman Antoniv, senior lawyer in the Kiev office, attorney at the Dynasty Law Firm, uncovered practical aspects of protecting the interests of the owner ...

  • 24 10 ‘2018

    24.10.2018 “Smart Solutions” in conjunction with “Dynasty” Law Firm held a business breakfast on the subject of “Outstaffing”: what the law says and how to get the most out of the service implementation”.

    We discussed current issues such as:

    - What is the outstaffing service and is it of benefit to business?

    - They raised the issue of legal regulation of outstaffing in Ukraine: ...

  • 24 10 ‘2018

    24.10.2018 in Premier Palace Hotel hosted the VI Annual forum of legal advisers and the awards ceremony for the winners of the research “50 leading legal department of Ukraine”, where “Dynasty” Law Firm took on the role of the General partner.

    VI Annual forum of legal advisers has opened a discussion: “Legal support of business”, moderated by managing partner of “Dynasty” Law Firm - Denys ...

  • 28 09 ‘2018

    On September 19, 2018, the Senior Associate of the AF “Dynasty” Yulia Makarenko and the lawyer Konstantin Gyrov took part in the III International Compliance Forum: international standards of business integrity and Ukrainian compliance realities.

    Integrity, transparency, resistance to corruption risks - these “three pillars”, the three necessary components are the foundation not only for the ...

  • 7 09 ‘2018

    Managing Partner of “Dynasty” AF Denys Myrgorodskiy made a speech at the annual Export Conference “Dnipro Annual Export Conference 2018” with a report on “Organizational and legislative issues of export to the EU market”.  The conference is dedicated to the consideration of promising markets for the products of Ukrainian commodity producers.  When taking the floor, the ways of entering the EU ...

  • 2 08 ‘2018

    Dynasty Law Firm became a member of the international legal network "ALLY LAW", that includes more than 70 member firms and approximately 3000+ lawyers worldwide from more than 40 countries around the world.

    Its 28th Annual General Meeting was holding in London, from 30 May to 2 June 2018. Hosted by member firm Edwin Coe LLP, this marquee event gathered 160 lawyers from 40 countries on six ...

  • 25 07 ‘2018

    We are proud to announce that the Dynasty Law firm is again recognized as one of Ukraine's leading law firms in 6 practices and industries according to the annual English-language directory "Ukrainian Law Firms 2018. A Handbook for Foreign Clients".

    For its level of professionalism ULF 2018 recommends these lawyers AF "Dynasty":

    * Managing Partner of the company Denys Myrgorodskiy - in the ...

  • 2 07 ‘2018

      The Managing partners of Dynasty Law Firm Denys Myrgorodskiy and Evhenyy Smiyukha again are included in the list of outstanding legal experts of Ukraine on these types of practices:

    Real Estate Law;
    Administrative Law;
    Corporate Law;
    Insolvency and Reorganization Law;

    At the present time "Best Lawyers" is one of the most authoritative ratings and respected publications in a ...

  • 15 06 ‘2018

    Legislative restriction of the rights of bank shareholders during their withdrawal from the financial market is a problematic, that Roman Antoniv began its speech disclosing the issue at the Fourth International Forensic Forum he is a Senior Associate of Kiev office of AF “Dynasty”.

    The speaker highlighted the problems of protecting the interests of shareholders of insolvent banks in disputes ...