Which is envisaged by the law on the language

We decided to remind you that the Law of Ukraine “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as a state language” will come into force on 16.07.2019, which establishes Ukrainian as the only state language being compulsory for public authorities and public spheres throughout the country.
This law introduces a number of innovations regarding the use of the state language, it establishes the obligation to speak the language at a certain level, and a classification of levels of proficiency is introduced, the requirements are also set out for using the Ukrainian language by state bodies and in various spheres of public life.

I wonder, the law outlines the exceptions to the requirements for the use of the Ukrainian language. So, in some areas, the use of English and other official languages ​​of the European Union at the level of the state is explicitly foreseen by law, while the use of the Russian language is possible only as a language of national minorities and is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On National Minorities in Ukraine”.

The law also foresees the implementation of administrative liability for violation of the established law requirements with fine sanctions in the form of a fine (maximum amount for repeated violation – up to seven hundred non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens).

The article on liability to prosecution for humiliation and contempt in relation to Ukrainian language, which was in the bill, is missing in the published text of the law.

– Volodymir Tabachinsky, the lawyer of “Dynasty” Law Firm.

Publications 18 July, 2019

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