Road electric cars

In Rada, bill No. 2532 was registered, with the aim of switching to environmental transport until 2030.

Its task is to create favorable conditions at the legislative level to stimulate demand for environmentally friendly transport.

Therefore, it is planned to temporarily, until December 31, 2024, allow electric automobile vehicles that are equipped with special license plates with a green font to move lanes allocated for the movement of fixed-route vehicles.

And also, temporarily until December 31, 2024 it is planned to introduce the mandatory installation of equipment for new (under construction) gas stations located outside cities, charging stations of automobile vehicles.

This bill promotes the development of networks of charging stations through the creation of transparent conditions for connecting them to the networks and the allocation of land for them.

– Alena Zamkovaya, lawyer at Dynasty Law & Investment.

Publications 21 January, 2020

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