Movies and TV shows for the weekend

We’ve chosen short films for you on legal topics with a view to give you an opportunity to spend your weekend in the best way.


  1. Judge (2014) dramatical piece

A few years ago, the successful lawyer Hank Palmer left his native city, but now he had to come back here to bury his mother. Soon he becomes aware of the fact that his father, the town judge, is the prime suspect in the commited murder. He decides to stay for a while and to conduct its own investigation to find out the truth. Despite the fact that Hank faced many difficulties in this court case, he is not going to give up and trying to do everything possible to save his father from prison. While the investigation is going on, he will dive into his past and better recognize relatives, with whom he had no contact for many years …

  1. Liar, liar (1997) comedy

The famous lawyer has a terrible habit of lying to all people. It’s like his killer feature and he cannot live without it, in no way. On the eve of his birthday, his son makes a wish his dad wouldn’t lie any more. And then the fun begins …

  1. My cousin Winnie (1992) comedy

The film’s plot  is centered upon an Italian adventurer Winnie, whose legal education suddenly became useful to his cousin, being a suspect in the murder of the seller in some remote state, where the death penalty is applied.

  1. Lincoln for a Lawyer (2011) a crime drama

This Crime drama with elements of thriller that introduces viewers to the history of one highly successful lawyer named Mickey Haller, who lives in Los Angeles. This man quite successfully emphasizes its own style using “Lincoln” brand car. But where will the last case lead to, at first glance, the simple court case of Louis Roulet? Will  Haller be able to avoid imprisonment?

  1. The devil’s advocate (1997) dramatical piece, detective story

The film tells the story of a young lawyer named Kevin. He arrives in New York together with his wife at the invitation of major legal concern. The young lawyer  has already a good reputation, as he has not yet failed in a single case, no matter what were the rascals and the scoundrels he defended. There was nothing in Kevin’s life that meant trouble, until his friend died, and his wife died as well. Then he decided to appeal to the head of the concern in which he worked, but there  was Satan himself who was waiting for him…

  1. Erin Brokovich (2000) dramatical piece, life story

The story of Erin Brokovich, a single woman having three children, whose life has no white days and is not often cupcaked.  There exist no career prospects for the people like her, there is only a modest job at a small law firm.  However, for a self-confident beauty who is unashamed of speaing out, there is only one negligible chance enough to dramatically change her fate.  Beauty and charm helped her to achieve howling success, but now Erin will need incredible determination to bring the centennial court case the whole way.

  1. 12 angry men (1956) dramatical piece, criminal story

The criminal drama with regard for 12 angry men tells of a court case in which the opinion of one of the jurors dramatically altered the system of prosecution.  A young guy of Latino descent is accused of killing his father.  Twelve jurors shall have to impose sentence to the offender.  All the evidence proves the defendant’s guilt, but one juror is not sure about the guy’s guilt.

TV series:

  1. How to avoid punishment for committing a murder (2014-2019) detective story, dramatical piece

A spectacular crime thriller about a group of ambitious law students of the university and their brilliant and mysterious of the teacher – Professor of law Annalise Keating. The course she conducted – “How to get away with murder” provides an in-depth study of the world of law – in practice and not in theory. All of them – future lawyers and their teacher become involved in the investigation of a complicated murder that would shake the entire university and change their lives …

  1. Force majeure (2011-2016) dramatical piece

While escaping after the unsuccessful attempt to sell drugs, self-taught lawyer Mike Ross, who poses as a Harvard graduate, ends up interviewing one of New York’s best lawyers, Harvey Spectrum.

Tired of bored aspirants dreaming of “serving hand and foot to the letter of the law,” Harvey takes a risk and hires Mike: the guy has an inborn talent and photographic memory.  This is how one of the most controversial, but at the same time, the most brilliant tandem of legal professionals in Manhattan is being born.

We wish you a festive mood and a nice weekend!

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