French and Czech business delegations

The middle of November 2018 became a landmark in the economic life of the Dnieper city thanks to the activities that are now taking place.

On 11.14.2018 Tamila Petrenko, the partner of AF “Dynasty”, attended French and Czech business delegations meetings arranged by the Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  As part of the French delegation, the Ambassador of the French Republic in Ukraine, Isabelle Dumont, visited Dnipro city, and spoke about the prospects for the development of French-Ukrainian cooperation.  A large French delegation, which included not only diplomats but also businessmen, visited Dnipro, and Isabelle Dumont called that event a sign of will to cooperate, that would be useful for both parties.

The Czech delegation was no less interesting; it included about 30 representatives of Czech companies, with whom all participants, as the official part was over, were able to directly discuss possible joint projects at b2b meetings.

Events 14 November, 2018

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