“Cashback” from the tax (or the operation “catch” the unscrupulous seller)

The tax authorities decided to deal with non-fiscal checks, situations where non-fiscal checks are provided to consumers, seemingly similar to fiscal ones, with the help of customer complaints.

The buyer who discovers the non-fiscal check will be credited with a cash amount of 100% of the value of the purchased item and will also remain the property of the buyer.

The cost of the goods will be offset under the following conditions:

-the cost of goods (works, services) is not less than 850.00 UAH;

-a copy of the documents received from the seller of the goods (works, services) was added to the complaint;

-the buyer in the complaint specified the account number to which the payment will be transferred;

-the amount of penalties levied on the seller as a result of the check has been credited to the budget in full;

-the amount of penalties levied on sellers on the results of the audit, earned to the budget in appropriate cases;

Therefore, every buyer who has purchased a product for at least UAH 850.00 is able to check a check on the fiscal service of the FFS (https://cabinet.sfs.gov.ua/cashregs/check). In case of  absence of such check in the database, the buyer can file a complaint with the seller via e-mail (or by mail). On the basis of the complaint filed, the tax initiates the seller’s inspection in order to confirm the fact of the offense and to impose a fine.

The system of compensation, according to tax information, is proposed no earlier than October 2020.

These innovations were adopted by Law No. 128-IX dated September 20, 2019, which comes into force on April 19, 2020.



Publications 3 March, 2020

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