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Regarding the prospects of changing of the Ukrainian real estate market estate.

On October 31, 2018, the partner of the AF “Dynasty” Tamila Petrenko and the lawyer of the AF “Dynasty” Tatiana Trikoza took part in the Legal Real Estate Forum.

Roman Antoniv, senior lawyer in the Kiev office, attorney at the Dynasty Law Firm, uncovered practical aspects of protecting the interests of the owner in the field of state registration of real estate rights.

The current legislative and regulatory standards, in particular related to land estate issues, while turning over real estate, have already become the root cause of the interest of Ukrainian investors in foreign real estate.  Non-transparency and instability to the government agencies corruption risks, in particular, DHABI, can surely be called the anchor of Ukrainian development, since only innovations in the regulatory policy of the construction industry will be able to bring the national construction business to a new level.

What is the ambush side of the stable growth of the domestic real estate market, and why at the same time, the statistical indicators of this growth sound the opposite of real estate turnover, which is as we see, known major market players who shared their experience in commercial and residential real estate. When participating in the Forum, the view of experts, including foreign ones, on the dynamics and causes of changes in demand for commercial property, as well as mechanisms of state regulation and the practical side of protecting the interests of the owner in the sphere of state registration of real property rights aroused a large interest.

The participants of the Forum also highlighted some aspects of financing of residential and commercial development by non-residents, the tendency of the state to increase demand and attract foreign investors.  The viewpoint of banks and companies on the sale of real estate, mortgage lending, as well as the opinion of the judge of the Economic Court of Appeal as part of the Supreme Court, determined the lively dialogue of the Forum participants.

The master class of Mark Ginzburg (president of “MTN” holding company) produced the most vivid impression, it was called “selling apartments for crypto-currency: is it true or PR”. While watching the master class, it was possible to clearly imagine the picture of the near future, where technologies will replace the usual processes (transfer of ownership / executing / registration, etc.) having a long and costly participation of a number of specialists. They will also completely eliminate the human factor and the associated corruption risks, which mean the apparent dependence of the consumer on the state machine.   

Events 31 October, 2018

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