• 16 08 ‘2019

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    If you are stopped by a patrol officer and he is making an order imposing an administrative
    penalty in a case of an administrative offense to deal with traffic safety, which is not fixed
    automatically, then note what exactly the patrol officer shall do to have the order issued in
    accordance with the procedure established by law:
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  • 31 07 ‘2019

    Bullying acts (action or inaction) of participants of educational process, which comprise psychological, physical, economic, sexual violence, including by means of electronic communications, committed against a minor or juvenile and (or) by such person against other participants in the educational process, the result of which could be or was harm inflicted to mental or physical health of the ...

  • 19 07 ‘2019

    It was on April 28, 2019, that the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 27, 2019 No. 367 “Certain issues regarding deregulation of economic activity” entered into force, which approved a new version of the model statute of LLC and unlocked the possibility of registration of LLC, both at the request to the state registrar and online.

    As a result, on July 9, 2019, the ...

  • 18 07 ‘2019

    We decided to remind you that the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as a state language" will come into force on 16.07.2019, which establishes Ukrainian as the only state language being compulsory for public authorities and public spheres throughout the country.
    This law introduces a number of innovations regarding the use of the state language, it establishes the ...

  • 9 07 ‘2019

    Dynasty Law Firm defended the rights of a large agricultural business corporation in a tax dispute. The Lawyer Oleg Zherebkin and the partner Snezhana Karagodina, developed and successfully applied a legal proposition, thanks to which they were able to cancel tax notifications-decisions regarding additional accrual of monetary liabilities for a significant amount.

  • 18 06 ‘2019

    In the interests of the Client, the lawyers of “Dynasty” Law Firm carried out work on preparation, execution and support when concluding a transaction as regards acquisition of the right of ownership to a commercial real estate object (including security checks and work to prevent risks for the object’s buyer) in a panoramic complex with a developer, a member of a large developer’s group of ...

  • 12 06 ‘2019

    Businessmen expect more detailed regulation of the functions of state supervision and control over compliance with labor legislation from the authorities
    In view of the introduction of amendments to the Labor Code (KZoT) of Ukraine by the Parliament in 2014, Law No. 77-VIII as of December 28, 2014, the issue of both being aware of labor legislation by employers and its practical application ...

  • 11 06 ‘2019

    The lawyers of the Law Firm “Dynasty” Irina Gula, Vyacheslav Kokhlyakov, Daria Vasina, owing to detailed legal proposition, successfully defended the interests of the regional IT company and its counterparties in the court of appeal. The court took into account the arguments of the defense into account regarding unreasonable investigative actions that led to the obstruction of legitimate business ...

  • 4 06 ‘2019

    The attorneys of Dynasty Law Firm defended in court the interests of the largest grain-exporting trader against groundless claims of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in the amount of about 9 million UAH.  Thanks to a well-developed legal proposition, the court, agreeing with the arguments presented, annulled the tax notice decision.  The partner, the attorney Olesya Artem and the attorney Ilya ...

  • 28 05 ‘2019

    Dynasty Law Firm judicially secured imposing of a deadline for pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings against one of the mining and processing combined works of Dnepropetrovsk region, during which the public prosecutor was obliged to direct the proceedings to the court or close it.  The court took the arguments of the defense into account regarding procedurally unfounded investigative ...

  • 24 05 ‘2019

    The Best Lawyers in Ukraine (2020 Edition)
    Денис Миргородський, керуючий партнер Dynasty Law firm, починаючи з 2009 року і по 2020 рік, визнається міжнародним рейтингом «Best Lawyers» видатним юридичним експертом в 4 видах практики:

    «Банкрутство і реорганізація» ( «Insolvency and Reorganization Law»);

    «Адміністративне право» ( «Administrative Law»);

    «Судова практика» ( «Litigation»);

  • 21 05 ‘2019

    Dynasty Law Firm acted as a legal adviser to a large agro-industrial corporation as regards appealing against the results of a planned comprehensive tax audit.  Thanks to an effectively developed legal proposition and application of a non-standard defense scheme, at the stage of checking, a tax notice-decision was canceled in a court of law, in which the additional liabilities of more than 48 ...