• 20 02 ‘2020

    Currently, there is information about more than 2,000 assets in the Unified Register of Arrested Property.

    From December 2019, the Register has been in pilot operation (which involves testing it in the test mode with exclusively available information of the arrested assets at the Agency).

    The register provides data on assets arrested, managed or sold within the production facilities, ...

  • 18 02 ‘2020

    Holders of a foreign passport and ID card will have the opportunity to receive a digital electronic passport in the mobile application “Diia”. Using a passport in a smartphone, Ukrainians will be able to travel around the country on trains and planes, identify a person in government agencies, receive parcels, confirm age when buying alcoholic beverages or tobacco, return purchased goods to the ...

  • 13 02 ‘2020

    The attorneys have defended in court the interests of a member of a large business entity who has lost its stake in the business because of the many raiding actions of other founders. Due to an effectively developed legal position and the application of a scheme of protection that was not previously used in court practice, the Client was able to establish in court the amount of the authorized ...

  • 11 02 ‘2020

    Due to the well-developed legal position, the Dynasty Law & Investment 's attorneys have appealed against the decision of the local court of first instance, which illegally recognized as a third person the ownership rights to the corporate rights of the owner of a large number of warehouses.

  • 6 02 ‘2020

    As a result of forming the right legal position to protect the Client's interests, Dynasty Law & Investment's attorneys succeeded in proving in the Supreme Court of Cassation the defendant's breach of contractual obligations and recovering more than 280 million debt for payment of gas balancing services provided to the Client.

  • 4 02 ‘2020

    The legislation on declaration has changed since January 1, 2020.  On October 2, 2019, the Law of Ukraine No. 140-IX “On Amendments Made to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Ensuring the Effectiveness of the Institutional Anti-Corruption Mechanism” was adopted, which in particular amended Articles 46 and 52 of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”, expanding the list of ...

  • 30 01 ‘2020

    Dynasty Law & Investment has become a legal advisor to a large agribusiness corporation to dispute the results of an unscheduled tax audit. Due to the carefully developed legal position and the application of a non-standard protection scheme, the tax notification decision was annulled, which additionally accrued liabilities in the amount of over UAH 27.7 million.

    The partner Snizhana ...

  • 28 01 ‘2020

    Electronic money - non-cash payments between sellers and buyers, banks and their customers being made through a computer network and systems that use encryption and automatic processing of information.

    The benefits of the electronic  payment  systems are accessibility, mobility, security, ease of use, efficiency.

    NBU, that acts as a regulator in fighting against corruption and money ...

  • 23 01 ‘2020

    The bill No. 2671 of 23.12.2019 on the forms and conditions of consent for processing of personal data was submitted for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

    According to this bill, consent to the processing of personal data will be provided in one of the following ways:

    for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the bill No. 2671 of 23.12.2019 on the forms and ...

  • 21 01 ‘2020

    In Rada, bill No. 2532 was registered, with the aim of switching to environmental transport until 2030.

    Its task is to create favorable conditions at the legislative level to stimulate demand for environmentally friendly transport.

    Therefore, it is planned to temporarily, until December 31, 2024, allow electric automobile vehicles that are equipped with special license plates with a green ...

  • 14 01 ‘2020

    According to the Law of Ukraine “On Making amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine in view of the Adoption of the Law of Ukraine” On Standardization”, which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 20, 2019 and signed by the President on October 11, 2019, provision has been made for the introduction in Ukraine of an exclusive voluntary application of national standards. ...

  • 9 01 ‘2020

    With a view to simplify the procedure of real estate assessment by introducing a new method of real estate assessment through its automatic appraisal by the module of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Making amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine as regards Elimination of Corruption Scheme  the field of registration of information on reports to ...