Stop the bullying together!

Bullying acts (action or inaction) of participants of educational process, which comprise psychological, physical, economic, sexual violence, including by means of electronic communications, committed against a minor or juvenile and (or) by such person against other participants in the educational process, the result of which could be or was harm inflicted to mental or physical health of the victim.

Typical signs of bullying are:

  • systematic (repeatable) actions;
  • the presence of the parties – the offender (buller), the victim (the victim of bullying),
  • observers (if any);
  • acts or inaction of the offender, the result of which is the infliction of mental and/or physical harm, humiliation, fear, anxiety, submission to the interests of the victim of the offender, and/or causing social isolation of the victim.

We would like to draw your attention that administrative responsibility is provided for the bullying. If the bullying is performed by 1 person, he is fined from 850 UAH to 1700 UAH, or he is assigned to do public works for a period of twenty to forty hours.

In the case of his group of minors or juvenile aged 14 to 16 years, the fine is imposed on parents or persons who replace them, ranging from 1700 UAH to 3400 UAH or community service for a period of forty to sixty hours.

Including the head of the educational institution subject to administrative responsibility, notifying the authorized units of the bodies of the National Police of Ukraine regarding the cases of bullying which entail the imposing of a fine from 850 UAH to 1700 UAH, or the  assignment of corrective labour of a participant in the educational process, which entails the imposing for a term up to one month with deduction  till twenty percent of earnings.

–  Zamkovaya Alena

Publications 31 July, 2019

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