Ally Law

Dynasty Law Firm became a member of the international legal network ALLY LAW, that includes more than 70 member firms and approximately 3000+ lawyers worldwide from more than 40 countries around the world.

Its 28th Annual General Meeting was holding in London, from 30 May to 2 June 2018. Hosted by member firm Edwin Coe LLP, this marquee event gathered 160 lawyers from 40 countries on six continents to discuss best practices for providing seamless, tier-one legal counsel to clients locally and across jurisdictions.

Said Alfonso Gonzáles Uribe, President of Ally Law and a partner in Mexico City-based law firm Cornejo Méndez González & Duarte, “The 65 Ally Law member firms are among the top legal providers in their respective countries. Our Annual General Meeting provides an important opportunity for us to strengthen our network and improve collaboration. This year we are honored to welcome six new member firms and three prospective members to our event. We are growing rapidly and this enables us to serve our clients more effectively, at home and around the globe.”

At this Annual General Meeting, Ukraine was represented for the first time by Dynasty Law Firm  New members include firms in Luxembourg, Indonesia, Finland, Israel, Portugal and North Carolina.

At that time, Ukraine was classified as a prospective country, and today we have become a full member of the association.

Ally Law accepts one firm per jurisdiction. In most cases, this means one member firm per country. There are multiple Ally Law firms in North America and Australia.

Ally Law firms are subject to a strict selection process and must adhere to rigorous client service standards.

Ally Law can remove any firm that fails to meet their service standards or receives poor evaluations

Admission to the Alliance is especially significant for us, because of it was held on the birthday of  Dynasty Law Firm, on the day of its 18th anniversary, which certainly is the impetus for our entire team to grow, develop and do what we love – BENEFIT THE CLIENTS !!!

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