Anti-raiding launched

Dear readers, We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that on December 18, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine opened an Office to counteract raiding  with a view to protect the violation of property rights of every person.

The office of counteraction to raiding shall be result-oriented in the form of rapid restoration of rights of legal owners, reduce corruption risks, and ensure transparency of the commission.

Citizens can do the following in the office of counter raiding:

  • file a complaint against actions of the state Registrar or Supplement thereto;
  • receive an answer regarding a stage of the complaint processing;
  • attend a meeting of the Commission on processing of complaints, which is going on transparently and openly;
  • watch the live coverage of the open part of the meeting of the Commission while sitting in the comfortable lounge area of the office.

Nowadays, the Office of counter-raiding and anti-raiding Commission will be engaged in elimination of weak points in the registers and in law, the transfer of data in electronic form and increasing the reliability of authentication for conducting transactions. One of the main objectives of the created structure is a rapid response to the peoples‘ statements within a day.

These purposes and tasks of the Office are promising, however, people will be able assess the quality of its activities only after a while.

– Alena Zamkovaya, the lawyer of Dynasty Law Firm.

Publications 26 December, 2019

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